Global Private Equity Partners has completed $732 Million Financing For Oil Producer

Global Private Equity Partners has completed $732 Million Financing For Oil Producer

As one of the world’s leading and most diverse financial services firm, Global Private Equity Partners serves the needs of our clients by offering a world-class project funding platform coupled with straightforward, intelligent advice.

Global Private Equity Partners has successfully completed a $732 million ten-year non-recourse project financing for large Oil Producer.

“We got responses from 18 of the leading global lenders – both banks and commodity traders and we selected Global Private Equity Partners,” CEO of the Oil Company said.

It was Global Private Equity Partners’ flexible terms that ensured the feasibility of this project.

Through an accelerate growth strategy, the Company aims to become a stand-alone operator in oil and gas exploration and production by 2019 and a “world class operator” by 2026, CEO said.

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