Global Private Equity Partners provides $660 Million Debt Financing For Solar Project

Global Private Equity Partners provides $660 Million Debt Financing For Solar Project

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Global Private Equity Partners has successfully completed a $660 million non-recourse project financing for Solar Power project.

Loan proceeds will be used for the construction of 100 MW solar thermal electricity (STE) power plant. It features advanced technology with a five-hour thermal energy storage system using molten salts that assists in meeting the evening peak demand. This plant will produce clean and dispatchable energy to serve more than 95,000 households and will prevent the emission of 348,000 tons of CO2 per year.

With a total investment of approximately $880 million, construction of the Solar Plant started in 2014. Job creation will peak at over 1,300 positions during the construction phase, generating 45 permanent jobs for plant operation and Construction on the project is already underway and the project is expected to the commissioned by 2017.

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